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A long planned move by one of the regional DFT offices into new premises was put at real risk recently when it turned out that despite giving plenty of notice, the supplier of a leased line link into the new building would not have the vital communications installed and on line by the move date. The situation had ‘major catastrophe’ written all over it as the move had been planned with almost military precision. Orders had been placed with moving contractors, electricians, decorators, office furniture suppliers and a myriad of others involved. Everything was to transfer over one weekend with a seamless transition taking place. Operations would cease on the Friday in the old building and recommence in the new building on the following Monday morning.


With only 20 metres between the old and the new sites and a clear line of sight, a scheme was able to be devised using a Wireless Excellence - CableFree Gigabitlaser link between the two buildings thus enabling staff located in the new building to link back to the operational leased line facility in the premises they had just vacated! The solution was designed with the manufacturer Wireless Excellence and provided a full-duplex connection with a bandwidth of up to 1.5Gbps.


KMH Group engineers were able to test the laser heads, prove them all effective and install them in the new premises before they were occupied.

KMH Group technicians then installed similar laser equipment on the roof of the existing premises and linked it to the operational leased line.

“The speed with which the KMH Group turned this project around was truly impressive. The system was fully operative within eight days of my first contact with them and frankly we couldn’t have achieved a better result than that.”
Luke Wooley - IT manager with the Department for Transport

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