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Film poachers near factory




Due to the noise and smell associated with Plasterboard manufacture, Sittingbourne based manufacturer, purchased the surrounding woodlands to limit the impact on the local inhabitants. Since the purchase of these woods, there has been an issue with people un-lawfully using the woods for hunting purposes, taking firearms onto the land without the Manufacturers consent. For years they have been trying to catch the poachers, but due to the poaching taking place at night, they have never managed to catch them.

As part of an upgrade to security systems, KMH were asked to look at the problem to see if the issues could be resolved. We attended site and carried out a survey of the area to try and come up with possible solutions. Due to the density of the woods, the size od the area and difficulty in getting around the woods, there was only one clear solution.


After a consultation with KMH security consultants, the proposal which the KMH Business Development manager Graham Young came up with was amongst other things a thermal imaging cameras The Thermal camera would enable the site to view the wooded area at night, track any poachers as they pass through the areas based upon heat output rather than the images..


KMH turned to the global market leader in CCTV camera manufacture “Axis Communications”. With KMH’s long history working with Axis, KMH felt confident that the a solution could be provided. After a product review, the Axis Q19 was selected. The Axis Q19 was mounted at high level to cover as much of the woodlands as possible, it was connected back to the Milestone XProtectProfessional platform and was easily integrated with the other Axis cameras distributed throughout the rest of the building.

Within a week, the cameras were being put to good use. Working alongside the local police, the poachers were tracked through the wooded area riding quad bikes, due to the new technologies being utilised, the Poachers were able to be pinpointed easily and the police were able to wait at the end of a track and catch them as they were trying to leave the woods. The cameras were a huge success. The poachers were found to be carrying rifles .

“The number of incidents have been servilely reduced, making the area much safer, we are very happy with the solution and a considering more Thermal cameras in the future”
Manager at Plasterboard manufacturer's site

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