Structured Cabling, CCTV and Access Control Case Studies

KMH Group have worked with some of the largest businesses, govement departments and schools across the UK. Here are some of our recent case studies showing a range of the jobs we have completed

Milestone Partner KMH Group helps Creaseys to secure expanded site at St Peter Port, Guernsey

Creaseys logo CCTV InstallMilestone XProtect® Enterprise IP video management helps Creaseys reduce losses at cash registers while boosting customer service

Challenge: Delivering a cost effective system for loss prevention and customer service improvements

Creaseys Guernsey is a 20,000 square foot site at St Peter Port. It is one of several franchised Marks & Spencer outlets in Guernsey, Jersey.

creaseys shop frontThey have invested several million pounds, nearly doubling its prime retail site at Guernsey's St Peter Port by expanding into the building right next door. In the course of this, they upgraded the video surveillance system. Shrinkage, which was already significant in the original Creaseys store, was clearly only going to get worse in the enlarged store with so much of it not covered by the existing CCTV cameras. The major cause of loss was theft of banknotes from the cash registers, although there were also some incidents of shoplifting high value goods such as meat, wines, spirits and womens’ wear. The surveillance installation was complicated by the fact that the expanded site runs over six different floors and each on two different levels. Some parts of the shop are also obscured by low ceilings and large pillars. Despite these site-specific challenges, high expectations were placed on the new video surveillance system. It had to be reliable, require little maintenance and be easy to use by non-security staff. It also needed to offer comprehensive coverage and act as the frontline for loss prevention because the size of the store precluded the funding of manned guarding. With this brief in mind they called in specialist security contractor KMH Group to design and install a new IP surveillance system.

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Department for Transport


Provide network for office move




A long planned move by one of the regional DFT offices into new premises was put at real risk recently when it turned out that despite giving plenty of notice, the supplier of a leased line link into the new building would not have the vital communications installed and on line by the move date. The situation had ‘major catastrophe’ written all over it as the move had been planned with almost military precision. Orders had been placed with moving contractors, electricians, decorators, office furniture suppliers and a myriad of others involved. Everything was to transfer over one weekend with a seamless transition taking place. Operations would cease on the Friday in the old building and recommence in the new building on the following Monday morning.


With only 20 metres between the old and the new sites and a clear line of sight, a scheme was able to be devised using a Wireless Excellence - CableFree Gigabitlaser link between the two buildings thus enabling staff located in the new building to link back to the operational leased line facility in the premises they had just vacated! The solution was designed with the manufacturer Wireless Excellence and provided a full-duplex connection with a bandwidth of up to 1.5Gbps.


KMH Group engineers were able to test the laser heads, prove them all effective and install them in the new premises before they were occupied.

KMH Group technicians then installed similar laser equipment on the roof of the existing premises and linked it to the operational leased line.

“The speed with which the KMH Group turned this project around was truly impressive. The system was fully operative within eight days of my first contact with them and frankly we couldn’t have achieved a better result than that.”

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Homewood School and Aruba Wireless

Homewood School Aruba Case StudyCentrally Managed Wireless Technology live at Kent’s largest School Campus

KMH Group have successfully deployed a state-of-the-art, centrally managed wireless environment for Homewood School & 6th Form Centre, Tenterden, near Ashford in Kent.

Homewood School is the largest secondary school in Kent, with over 2000 student users and where each teacher has a mobile computing device. Fourteen buildings provide in excess of 180 teaching rooms, over approximately 118000sq ft/36000sq metre’s, all connected over a HP switched 1Gb fibre network.

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Barming Primary School Case StudyBarming Primary School Wireless Solution

Barming is a primary school of 400 children that prides itself on offering children the opportunity to succeed both academically and beyond the formal curriculum. In order to achieve this a suitable network was required and we came in to offer their extensive services to provide this. We surveyed their site as well as their needs and budget in order to access suitable solutions.


Coverage throughout the school with the ability for 60 devices to log on to the network concurrently. With the potential for future expansion. The solution would need to be easy to manage and be competitively priced.

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